VSTO Addin's getting disabled on exception.


  • I have an Outlook Add-in VSTO Click-Once application(take your pic of descriptions) developed in VS2010 in vb.NET. Currently the add-in gets disabled if it throws an unhandled exception. Proposed solutions thus far have failed to encompass all possible exceptions. These include releasing all objects, using Try/Catch on everything and GCcollect.

    The main issue here is that all of the possible solutions for global exception handling are not available for VSTO click-once applications.

    I have done a large amount of research on this issue and want this thread to be a place that centralizes the issue and finds a global solution or provokes Microsoft to change something.

    Let's have an open discussion here and find a solution.

    Posts in the past:

    (includes even viewer logs)

    (registry change doesn't work)

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