Powerpoint 2007/2010 grid NOT snapping correctly.


  • hi,

    Powerpoint 2007/2010 grid:

    For the problem described, I have set "Snap to Grid", grid spacing to 1/12 inch or "0.083", and grid display; with 22 x 22 size page. Also enabled drawing guide. Grid is ONLY accurate at 0-0 (X-Y) co-ordinates. As the drawing moves away, snapping is getting off.

    For the 1/12 inch grid, the tool calculate the grid wrongly, at 11" from 0-0 co-ordinates, it be comes 10.96" (rounded 2-decimals up from 10.956; 0.083 x 12 x 11). It should be 11.00". I CAN'T land my line on the 11.00; have to choose 10.96 or 11.04!!!

    You should have calculated the snapping as (1/12) x 12 x 11 = 11.00.

    See attached pictures.

    This gave me a lot of headache copying from older Powerpoint 2003 drawings in this new powerpoint version. I got a lot of misalignment. The older Powerpoint 2003 grid is accurate!


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  • qpwong

    MS broke this tool about five years ago, and they have never fixed it or even acknowledged it.   Google "powerpoint 2007 freeform snap to grid" and you will see this problem has existed for years.   

    I see only two possible ways around this.

    First, you can use another program to draw and then copy into PPT.   Example Visio or Word.   For some reason MS did not ruin the entire office suite when they "improved" drawing tools.  MS Word drawing still works well, though in future releases MS might get around to breaking the Word drawing tool (example they also got rid of pattern fill in ppt 2007, but MS Word still has it.  This was useful tool).

    Seond, we could find some way to get MS to fix this.  The problem here is that there seems to be no way to directly contact MS.   Maybe we can go to Redmond and picket.

    Wednesday, April 11, 2012 11:34 PM
  • Hi qpwong,

    Here’s my advice.

    We can add a user account into the computer, then use the new account to log on. Open Powerpoint 2010 to check whether the issue is still occur.

    Jaynet Zhang

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    Thursday, April 12, 2012 1:34 AM