Creating a rule in Outlook to delete messages automatically


  • Hi, Running Office 2002 and Exchange 2003. I setting up meeting rooms as resources. This works well but I'm looking at how to tidy up mail that is sent directly to this resource.

    I have setup a rule that 'has server reply using a specific message'. This works well if individuals try and book the meeting room but invite it as an attendee rather than a resource, the individual will get a message back saying that they haven’t booked the meeting correctly.

    I want my rule to permanently delete this item from the inbox as it is still in the calendar as an unaccepted invitation.

    My rule is also configure to "permanently delete" the item but this is a client side rule so doesn’t work well for a resource.

    Is there a server side rule that could permanently delete items from inbox? Or do I need to look at alternative way to do this?




    Wednesday, May 25, 2011 10:43 AM


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