Not receiving emails on Outlook 2013


  • I have Outlook 2013 but it will not receive email from other accounts, or every now and then it does, but mostly not.

    I have sent multiple emails to myself from outside accounts and Most ALL are NOT coming through - maybe 1% of 100.

    This means I am not getting a lot of other needed emails!

    I noticed this happened after an update and I uninstalled the updates but it's still going on.

    I PAID for this program and need serious help right now!

    How do I get my emails?  Replies will come through, but not original emails created.

    Any email I send to myself from AOL does not come through at all, on several addresses.

    Is there a way to refresh all the settings or re-install WITHOUT losing all my emails?

    I don't want to compact my email as I never see them again and have lost mail I wanted from deceased people and passwords I have stored and needed.  I hope this is not a problem related to that.  I have TONS of space on my computer and do not want ANY emails of any kind not available for view.  Like I said, I PAID for this program so I can have MY email.  I paid for it.  So i want it ALL. 

    But right now I am not receiving emails and desperately need it.  How do i get what I have paid for?

    Thursday, March 20, 2014 5:27 PM