Can a Calendar view be filtered dynamically from a user selection?


  • We have a list of project risks where each item (i.e. Risk) is associated with one and only one project, each item also has a proximity date (i.e. roughly when we expect the risk to hit).  We have been asked to product a report page with a calendar view showing the risks against their proximity date with a dynamic filter that will let management select which project they want to view risks for.

    Were this just a normal list view, no problem.  Just convert the list view to an XSLT DVWP in SharePoint Designer (or create the DVWP from scratch), drop a datasource and drop down box on the page and feed the selection into the filter on the view.  Job done.  Unfortunately it appears that you cannot convert a calendar to an XSLT DVWP, the option is missing from the menu in SPD, and we cannot find a way to create a Calendar DVWP from scratch.

    Is there a way to either convert a Calendar view to  a DVWP?  Failing that, is it feasible to create a Calendar DVWP from scratch?  If so can you suggest any resources that would guide us as to how?

    We've tried searching the web but to no avail.

    We're running Sharepoint 2007 (WSS 3.0), no MOSS , and using SPD 2007.  We do not have Visual Studio and cannot add third party tools/addons.  Client side we're stuck with Windows XP and IE 6.


    Thank you



    -- Stephen Booth PRINCE2 Practioner CHAMPS2 Practitioner SharePoint Newbie but working at it
    Wednesday, October 06, 2010 3:03 PM