Converting HTML flippble view to Word document


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    We are converting Word article to HTML flippable view and it is stored in SharePoint.

    Now we need to convert HTML view to word document. 

    Please let me know how to convert HTML flippable view to word document?

    Marulasiddappa SB (Swamy)

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    Hi Marulasiddappa,

    SharePoint Services is the ability to connect to an HTML Viewer server. You can view a word in SharePoint without opening locally in Word. You can do it as the following steps.

    1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click SharePoint Central Administration.
    2. In the Server Configuration section, click Configure HTML Viewer.
    3. Select the Allow HTML Viewing check box.
    4. In the Path to HTML Viewer Server box, type the full URL to the server hosting HTML viewing.
    5. In the Maximum Cache Size box, type the maximum size to allow for the HTML viewing cache.
    6. In the Maximum File Size box, type the maximum file size to view.
    7. In the Timeout Length box, type the length of time to wait before ending an HTML Viewer process.
    8. Click OK.



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