I installed Office 2010 x64 on Windows XP x64. Why did I have to spoof a higher version? It DOES work 100% so why is it being blocked? Politics?

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  • Office 2010 x64 WORKS GREAT on Windows XP/2003 x64!

    Hi everyone.
    It was bugging me since the early beta's that Microsoft dropped support for x64 edition of Windows XP a nd Server 2003, after testing in a VM I found a way to install and run Office 2010 x64 on those OSes.
    No DVD or Installer editing required, only need to fool the installer so it will detect Windows 7 SP1 and installs perfectly.
    This is a guide will show you how to do that in few easy steps.
    So far I've tested with the x64 version of Office 2010 but the x86 version should work too.
    1. You need to install Microsoft Application Verifier x64 Link
    and MSXML 6 SP1 and SP2 Link Link
    2. Insert or mount the Office 2010 DVD, cancel the setup.
    3. Open Application Verifier, click on File->Add Application select and open the Office  setup.exe from the DVD.
    4. On the right "Tests" pane unselect "Basics", select "HighVersionLie" from the "Compatibility" list, nothing else is needed.
    5. Right click on "HighVersionLie" and select Properties
    6. Set the following lines:
    - Major Version: 6
    - Minor Version: 1
    - Build Number: 9999
    - Service Pack Major: 1
    7. OK the Properties window, then click Save.
    8. Install and activate Office like you did on XP x86, Vista or 7.
    Screenshot of everything:
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