PowerPoint - Action Button doesn't invoke macro


  • Hope this is the right forum for a PPT question...  This should be simple.  First time trying to automate PowerPoint...

    I add a Shape/Action Button.  In the Action Settings, Mouse Click dialog, I select "Run macro" and select a macro that exists in the project.

    When I run the slideshow and click the button, the code/sub/function never fires.  I have included basic code, like a MsgBox or InputBox, jut to get a visible reaction, but nothing.  If I run in Debug and set a breakpoint in the called routine, it never hits the first line of the Sub.

    The MouseClick is recognized.  If I associate a sound with the event, in the settings dialog for the button, the sound plays.  Just no code running.

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011 11:49 PM


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