Setup.exe office 2010 is corrupted and won't install


  • I downloaded the trial of microsoft 2010 and as it expired i bought the full version. i didn't uninstall the trial first, thinking the full version would do this for me as part of the installation process. all went well for the first few moments then it said setup cannot continue because a required file is either corrupted or not available. Run setup again from the original source file or download location. i tried again but same thing happened so i googled the problem and it said it was because i already had office installed. i had to use microsoft fix it program to get rid of the trial. i tried to install full version but the same thing happened what do i do now? I have Windows XP and office 2010 came on a memory stick
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  • Hi,


    It is properly caused by the installation software.


    Did you download the Office 2010 full version software?


    If you downloaded it, where did you download it? If it is a .iso file, copy it from your memory stick, extract it first, and then run the setup again.


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    Sally Tang


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