SP lists, how can I share a common date and time?


  • Quick rundown:

    I'm creating a workflow / tasks template for an exercise that will repeat many times a year. The exercise has about a dozen teams, and each team has a set of tasks to perform. The tasks themselves are set that they have to be done in a specific timeframe. The timeframe for every task is based off the exercise start time.

    So for example, Team A has 5 tasks. Task 1 is due at Start Time + 3 hours. Task 2 is due at Start Time + 4 hours. Task 3 is due at Start Time + 4 hours 30 minutes (and on for the others).

    Thats basically it. I have all the teams created, and all permissions set. I'm now working on the lists and tasks, but I've run into this snag. I created a Master List that holds the Event Start Time as a Date+Time field. I don't know how to get that field into all of the tasks for each time. When I select 'Lookup (information already on this site) and select the Master List the Event Start Time isn't shown to select. I've tried a dozen times, but it just doesn't show up. Other fields like single lines of text come in fine.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?

    Also if anyone has any suggestion on planning this project better it would be appreciated. At the end of the exercise I have to zero out all of the data. Archiving it would be nice but its not a requirement. I don't mind going into every task list to reset but it could be a lot of work.

    Thank You!

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  • Hi Taleria,

    Would you not be better off having a workflow that creates and assigns the tasks, set the start dates and the due dates etc?

    If you do this then once you create your item in the master list.  All tasks will be created for users with the above info pre-configured.  You could then automate follow up emails if tasks are not done on time etc. and finally set the item in the master list complete when all tasks are complete.

    This way once it is setup and running you don't need to zero out data and you can keep the completed tasks for archiving etc.  or just filter out compeleted tasks in the main view.

    Hope that is of some help


    Tuesday, February 28, 2012 4:43 PM