IIS redirects back to root after login to OWA Exchange 2013


  • Hi!

    Fresh 2013 install.
    Default web site is set to redirect requests to https://server/owa. 
    SSL is required.
    Custom error for 403.4 is redirect to https://server/owa

    Opening http://server redirects fine to https://server/owa but once the user is logged in, the site redirects back to https://server (no OWA in the URL)

    This causes the site to look like the attached picture, because all the file paths are wrong. https://server/ does not exist, the OWA part is necessary.

    Any ideas why it redirects out of the OWA directory and to the root after login? If I type in OWA manually the themes are OK. But for some reason everything except the themes load even without the OWA part.

    Thursday, April 4, 2013 9:18 AM


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