Windows XP Pro SP3 windows update fails with error: 0X80190194


  • Installed a lot of updates after a fresh XP Pro SP3 load on a test machine, windows updates working fine. Installed MS Office Pro 2003 Excel and Word, and downloaded and installed MS security updates using msupdate, and magically started getting failure, error 0x80190194. 

    Tried MS Fixit tool, resetting update componenets and applying fixes, run multiple times, reboot multiple times, no help. Tried rebuild proxy (even though not using), not using WSUS, cleared internet explorer cache and deleted cookies. I can browse the same machine to all sites trying to resolve the problem, but cannot seem to solve the problem. chkdsk /f and reboot no help. User account has local admin rights. BITS/windows update client is up to date (update client web site says mine is newer). Tried downloading and extracting/install windows update agent 3, message says it is already installed.

    Using MS Security Essentials, tried disabling it and turned off firewall, no help.


    Thursday, June 6, 2013 3:52 PM