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  • Let's see ... where to start, how much to share ... feel free to ask questions if I've missed anything. 


    Environment is a single MOSS 2007 server with a separate SQL 2005 server.  When I "inherited" it, there was an installation with a single hosting both MOSS and SQL.  In December I split them, did a full reinstall, and pretty much re-constructed the Central Admin settings by hand, since I didn't properly migrate (oops). 


    Things have been very functional since then, except for inbound emails.  I've been putting off fixing it, but now I've tried everything I can find documented on the web, and am still stuck.  Seems like a permissions issue somehow.  Email is handled by Exchange 2003 on a different server. 



    -When I create a new doclib, I go to configure "Incoming e-mail settings," and set it to "allow doclib to receive e-mail," I get an "Error in the Application" message.

    -Same message above happens whether working with a doclib, a discussion board, a calendar, or a list. 

    -Same message above happens if I go to a doclib, discussion board, calendar, etc. for which there was already previously a configured email.  If I try to change the email, I get this message. 

    -In Central Admin, Operations, then "Approve/reject distribution groups," by default I saw nothing listed.  Eventually I figured out that if I create a new view, I could see six groups sitting in there with approval status listed as "pending." If I try to delete any group, I will get no error message, seems like it should have worked, and yet the group stays there.  I am logged in with an account that is in Farm Administrators, and seems to have full control permission on the list.  I have tried logging in with any of the various SharePoint service accounts, and get the same behavior.



    -Outbound messages from SharePoint such as alerts, and workflows seem to be fine.

    -Inbound messages to doclibs, discussion groups, and calendars that were configured before my migration in December do seem to work now. I had to manually change each one to reflect the new servername, but they do work. 



    (this is only a handful of the things I've actually done, just a summary)

    -The accounts used in the SharePoint install are sharedba, sharedms, shareservice, sharesqsl, and sharepool.

    -The AD OU Container currently allows sharesql Read, write, and Create All Child Objects.  The SharePoint CA Web App Pool uses ShareSQL in the identity tab.

    -The Windows SharePoint Services Timer Service is using the ShareSQL account for logon.

    -Skipping info about DNS and SMTP, since incoming emails do seem to work for lists configured prior to my December migration. 

    -In Central Admin, Operations, Incoming Email Settings, have the folllowing settings:  Enable Email Yes; Settings mode Automatic; Use SP DM Service Yes; AD Container is specified correctly; SMTP specifies; Accept messages from authenticated only YES; Allow creation of distribution Groups from SP sites YES; Distribution Approval request settings - all unchecked; Email Server display; Accept mail only from safe email servers - IP of email server is listed. 

    -I tried manually creating a contact first in the AD OU, then still get the error while trying to change the settings for the doclib's inbound email. 

    -I tried creating a brand new OU, then delegating full control to all of the SharePoint service accounts involved, then temporarily changing the inbound email settings to indicate that new OU. 


    Monday, May 4, 2009 4:17 PM