Formula to count letters


  • Is there a formula (or other method) to count the amount of letters in Shape Data? I have values like this: IQI, IIQI, QIQI, IDI, IIDI, DIDI... and the formula should calculate how many "I" or "Q" there is in the text string. Is this possible? I have browsed all Visio formulas, but coulnd't find any suitable.
    Monday, May 16, 2011 6:58 AM


  • Hi Ilkks,

    I've written an article discussing a similar problem. Perhaps you can get an idea for your solution from it:

    Visio Guy: How to Count the Number of Items in a List

    Basically find the difference between the length of a string, and the length of the string after you substitute a blank for the character you are trying to count.

    For example: LEN( somestring ) and LEN( SUBSTITUTE( somestring, "Q", "") )


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