Can I change the "Add document" text, without effecting other sites using same style?


  • So if I am to understand this correctly - in the Document Libraries inherent in any SharePoint 2010 site - the "Add Document" link text is actually a result of whatever is classified in the CSS class "ms-addnew," in the correspondent master page. With that in mind, I have two custom form libraries in a SharePoint site that I administer, both of them created with InfoPath 2010. The libraries work beautifully, so there is no issue with them. We just want to change the "Add document" link text on both form libraries to something like "Create a new resource form." Or at least something to that effect.

    I get that I can change this through the CSS style in the master page - however, won't that have an effect on anything else that is using that style as well? In which case, how could I just change the link text on these two form library instances, while not changing any other page that might be using the "ms-addnew" CSS style? Is this possible? I tried the suggestion of a content editor web part as detailed here:

    With no change in the text. I'm open to any and all suggestions from the TechNet community on this matter. Thank you and good day.

    Monday, March 12, 2012 4:24 PM


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