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  • Hello,

    My dilemma is a unique one, I think.  I have gained a certain level of C# proficiency, and wish to do pragmatic, rapid development in C# with MS-ACCESS as my database engine.  I have a strictly single-user application, no need for SQL or mutl-user.

    My app is also extremely simple:  2 flat tables, and a 3rd file/table consisting of transactions based on the first 2 tables.

    The  volume of data is medium:  The 2 flat tables are about 1,000 records Max. (each), and the record size (fixed) at about <300 bytes.

    The 3rd file (transactions) average about 20MB (< 30,000 records) per year.  Nothing "heavy" to speak of.

    Given these characteristics, I am looking for a third-party SDK or API that can, from a C# developer standpoint:

    1 - simplify my need to deal with Winforms details -- create simple screen layouts, fields, buttons, drop downs, etc..

    2 - simplify my need to "delve into" MS-ACCESS database calls/interfaces -- my app just needs to read/write records,

         do simple, repeatable queries that have only 2 selection criteria at most (a date range, and a single field), and output data to EXCEL file format.

    I am told one such company is ComponentOne,  but I've been unsuccessful so far in trying to contact them.

    Would be highly grateful for any useful tips and suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sunday, October 15, 2017 8:52 PM

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