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    Can anyone please help me out with employee management system in sharepoint 2007?

    The requirements are something like this as follows:

    Main Features:

    • Employee Profile Management

    • Verify daily work of your team

    • Employee attendance

    • Leave management

    • Time Sheets

    • Manage Timeline

    • Employee Productivity

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.




    Friday, February 21, 2014 10:12 AM


  • Sounds like you could setup a team site that is managed through lists and calendars.

    Using the Approval workflow OOTB with a few of these I'm sure.

    You'll need to gather all of your business requirements for what each system is needing, what data is needed, who approves what and any emails or messages that need to be sent accordingly.

    Employee Profile Management could be handled using some already built in fields for user profiles, assuming all of the employees have a sharepoint account(pulled from AD) You can determine what metadata fields are needed for this and create custom form and workflow either using client side and webservices or InfoPath if you don't have a killer designer.

    Verify daily work of your team - I'm not sure what all needs to be stored for this, but you can verify.  I would say if this is documents, have someone submit a document to a library that is then set to a status that someone will need to review and approve and so on.  This workflow would be easy to setup either using an approval work flow or something a bit more custom with SPD.  We can also go fully custom with event receivers and custom workflows if you want to do server side.

    Employee attendance, Leave Management, Time Sheets - These all sound like Calendar items that could be managed through a single calendar and multiple content types.  Maybe some predetermined value that someone has an alloted value they are allowed for leave/PTO and also a seperate type for logging time. Easily create reports off of this data and filters/dashboards to display who's putting their time in.

    Manage Timeline - Is this a project timeline?  If so, Microsoft Project has a plug in for SharePoint 2010, but if we are working with 2007, you can create a list that is attached to a calendar list and interconnect using custom event receivers, when something is input in one, it modifies the calendar list and emails appropriate people, set custom statuses and so on.

    Employee Productivity - Sounds like another tracking system that can be easily handled through a list with the appropriate metadata.

    ALL of these items can be done quite a bit with OOTB SharePoint items, however, I've done similar custom items with a better look and feel for inputting data and reporting off of it as well.

    If you need more assistance, feel free to contact me.

    Brandon James SharePoint Developer/Administrator

    Wednesday, March 26, 2014 4:17 PM