How do I activate a Microsoft Office 2010 volume license key.


  • I have installed Office 2010 on about 20 PCs after downloaded the product from the volume license website from Microsoft.  I then burned it to a CD and installed the software on each PC.  They are now getting a message that they need to activate their software within 1 day.  After doing some research on this I seen that apparently the volume license keys need to be activated via a MAK proxy.  I downloaded the VAMT 2.0 tool and installed it on my active directory server.  I then added my product key into VAMT.  I am now trying to add the MAK key to the "Status Unknown" computers that are on my network with Office installed but I cannot click on "Install Product Key" when I right click on them.  If I click on update status I get a message that says "Unable to connect to the WMI Service".  I then checked my WMI service on that machine and they were already started.  I also disabled my antivirus protection on that PC as well.  


    Have I missed a step or should I have done something different on the installation of this software?

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010 10:23 PM

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