Outlook Sitting at Loading Profile Problem


  • new machine win 7 pro 32 bit, installed office 2010 home and business, using exchange 03. when starting outlook after login or reboot outlook sits at loading profile for several mins it will load eventually, however if i press cancel and relaunch outlook it opens right up. also should note once outlook has been opened you can close the app and reopen w/ out any issue, until you log out or reboot  i have tried the following:

    loading all office patches via win update - no change

    loading all os updates via win update - no change

    uninstall/ reinstall office- no change

    complete factory restore and fresh office install- no change

    removing profile, creating new one- no change

    starting outlook in safe mode- no change

    i can config an external pop account and dont have the issue, it appears the issue has something to do w/ connecting to exchange- even check settings (server and username) takes a few mins.

    i can ping the server both by ip and server name w/ no problem. this issue is specific to this machine, any account you use has the same problem and i am unable to duplicate this issue on another pc w/ same os and office version.  Anyone have any other ideas, hate to shell out $260 for the pay per incident

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011 6:30 PM


  • Hello,

    • When you removed your Outlook profile, and created a new one, were there other "unexpected" profiles present?
    • Search your machine for *.PRF, and see if there is an Outlook profile configuration file that is perhaps being called repeatedly.
    • Are your using Cached Exchange Mode?  If so, search your machine for *.OST.  Are there a lot of them?
    • Other that the Exchange Server, what else is configured in your profile?
    • Launch outlook using the outlook.exe /rpcdiag switch.  A new window will open with Outlook, and display the connection status.  Do any of the server connections stick at "Connecting?"
    • Configure Outlook to prompt you for a connection state on launch.  Choose to "Work Offline."  Does that change the behavior?
    • What type of network connection to your Exchange server do you have?  Outlook Anywhere?  VPN?
    • Do you see the same behavior when using Outlook Web Access?


    RKeith - [MSFT]
    Wednesday, May 18, 2011 10:38 PM