Microsoft Office 2013 "Encountered an error during setup"


  • Ok, I'm pretty much done with Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus (64-bit)

    I have a fresh install of Windows 8 (64-bit) on my laptop (legal) and want to simply install the software. Every time I do so, I get an error message: Microsoft Office Professional 2013 encountered an error during setup.

    No error codes, no explanations, just stops. After I click close, I get a "Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has encountered an error"-error.

    I have tried the following:
    - Rename %programdata%\Microsoft Help
    - Run the fixit from Microsoft to delete traces of Office products (not that I had them, but you never know)
    - Someone suggested disabling the printer spooler
    - Run as administrator
    - Copy the contents of the installation and try it from a folder on the harddrive

    - Disabling Read Only mode on the installation

    - Deleting the registry key: AppCompatFlags

    - Checked to see if the Task Scheduler was running, it is, and to see if there were any tasks. Removed all tasks.

    - Ran CCleaner

    - Tried to find the Rgstrtn.lck file, but it doesn't exist on my system
    - Disabled my Anti-Virus

    As you can see, it's not like I didn't put effort into trying to get this to work.

    What else can I do to install this software? I've always used Microsoft because installing programs has always been easy, but since Windows 8 it's been nothing but problems for some Microsoft products. (OpenOffice installed without any problems for instance, but installing Windows 8 itself was already an adventure on its own, and now Office 2013 is giving me issues over nothing.) Is it really so hard to program an installer that doesn't give errors?

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