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  • Hi Everyone,

    I am developing a SharePoint solution in which we will be using the content aggregation features of SharePoint 2010 quite heavily.  I've done a few of the calendar roll-ups and noticed a recurring error. 

    When a user who has access to all calendars on the rollup (i.e. all the sites that contain the calendars that are being rolled up), that user accurately sees the calendar with events from the other sites' calendars.  However, when another user who doesn't have access to all of the calendar events being rolled up (cannot access all sites) tries to load the calendar, a red x with the message

    "Unexpected response from server"

    appears between the month and the calendar matrix in the content rollup calendar webpart. 


    I was under the impression that with object level permissions and security trimming this error wouldn't occur.  Is there something else going on here, or is this a limitation of OOTB SharePoint Enterprise Server 2010? 

    Does anyone have any other ideas for creating a calendar with rolled up events that multiple users can log into and see events they are permitted to see?


    I'd even settle for a clever way to hide this message; the aggregation seems to function just fine!  (Just can't have that red x in my clients' faces). 


    Thanks in advance,


    Wednesday, February 23, 2011 9:17 PM

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