Content Organizer: Keep Getting "Documents were submitted that did not match any rules"


  • I'm having problems getting content organizer set up in SharePoint 2010. I keep getting the "Documents were submitted that did not match any rules" e-mail when the Content organizer job runs even though I think the documents have been entered properly. 

    Here is the setup:

    I created a Records Center site.

    In this site I created two document libraries: "AP Invoices" and "Software Licenses". I did not pick a document template for either library because they will mostly be used to hold PDF files. I've tried an image library too, but that doesn't work either.

    Each document library is linked to a content type of the same name. The content types both use the "Document" content type as their parent and they have unique sets of columns. 

    I've set up content organizer rules. For each rule, I set the submission content type to "AP Invoice" or "Software Licenses". For the condition I usually just check to see if one the required fields is not empty, but I've tried various things. For the target I select the library for that content type. 

    I think that's all right. 

    When I upload a document, I select the content type and fill in the required information. Then I go to Central Admin and run the Content Organizer job (I'm still just testing this) and I get the e-mail: "Documents were submitted that did not match any rules"

    I think I've set up everything correctly, but it just won't work. It is very frustrating. 





    Friday, April 29, 2011 6:55 PM