Visio services - Timeline shape and partial refresh


  • Hello,

    When i used sample Visio shape linked to a Sharepoint list with data graphics, publish it as .vdw on sharepoint, refresh data works fine after updated the sharepoint list. But when i attempt to use a Timeline shape instead , the initial shape data are not refreshed.

    So i created a custom list in sharepoint which contains the fields 'Start', 'Finish' and 'Duration'. After executing the data link wizard, i selected the 'Block timeline' from the Timeline Shape set, i selected the firt item on the External Panel of Visio,  and dragged/dropped in the design area.

    All worked fine and the start and finish date were displayed on the graphic.  After sending the .vdw on Sharepoint and updating the start and finish column of the item in the custom list, the shape data of the visio drawing are never refreshed.

    Only data graphic seems to be dynamically linked with the sharepoint list. The initial shape data of a block timeline seems to be updated only the first time, when creating the shape.

    Can anyone confirm this ?

    Thank you for your support


    Monday, May 28, 2012 1:43 PM


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