How to add a Web Part Zone to a wiki page?


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    I have a team site. I understand that the default home page of a team site is a wiki page. I want to add a web part zone to this page. How can I do that? By default it already has Web Part Zone -<WebPartPages:WebPartZone runat="server" ID="Bottom" Title="loc:Bottom">.

    You can use SharePoint designer to add a web part to this zone and it works fine. But you are not able to add a web part to this zone using SharePoint web UI? Ususally when you have a web part zone in a page, using SharePoint web UI, it allows to you add/remove a web part. But it is not the case with the web part zone on the default home page of a team site.

    Also is there any way I can add a web part zone to this page? I do know that you can easily add web parts into wiki page content. But I want to add a new web part zone where users can add/remove web parts.

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    Thursday, December 16, 2010 10:40 PM


  • From what I understand, no, Wiki pages cannot have web part zones. They essentially are one big webpart zone.

    I've went so far as to modify the master page with a new asp:Content area. I couldn't add a new content area in the Home.aspx of a team site.


    EDIT: To get what you'd like, which is a modified home page, you can do the following:

    Enable Enterprise Publishing feature on Site Collection Features, then on Site Features.

    View all site content > Pages > New Welcome Page (Blank Webpart Page)  { or whatever you like }

    Using SharePoint Designer, you can open the site, go to Pages library, right click the newly created page, and Set as Home Page.

    Refresh your site in the browser and click on Team. You'll notice the Welcome Page is the Homepage, and you can customize it like you are familiar with in MOSS.


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