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  • Hi guys and gals, 

    We've recently implemented a MOSS 2007 farm for an Intranet, and we're having an issue with user profiles. Basically we imported the mobile number field from AD, which was a mistake as it contained some personal numbers. We cleared them off and re-imported so they are no longer showing on MySites, however an issue remains because they are still listed in the Colleague Tracker (John Smith changed his mobile number to XXXXXXX).

    The question is then, how do we clear out the Colleague Tracker data?



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  • The userprofile data is stored in the UserProfileValue table of the SharedServices1_DB.  The property id you are looking for is "19" for the cellphone.  Any changes to a profile are recorded in the  UserProfileEventLog table.  THis is where the colleague tracker web part pulls its data via the [profile_GetUserColleagueEvents] stored procedure.

    I'll leave it to your own devices to venture into that table and do the updates you need to make as this would not be supported or endorsed by the product team.

    All so take a look at the "profile_ResetAll" stored proc.


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