User gets "Access Denied" on site homepage he has Full Control on


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    This is driving me nuts.  A user called in a problem ticket, reporting that he gets "Access Denied" when he goes to the home page of his site.  He has Full Control on the site.  He also noted that right before this started for him, he was in the site, adding links to the home page (assuming Links web part), when "everything froze" (assuming everything means PC or IE 8).  I verified the following:

    1. User indeed has Full Control on this site
    2. User has Full Control to every item shown on every web part on the site's home page
    3. User can successfully access another site within the same site collection as the problematic one
    4. User's local temporary internet files (IE 8) have been cleared
    5. My non-admin account added to this site with the same permission as the user can successfully hit the home page
    6. User gets "Access Denied" when going to this site's home page on a totally different PC

    I've also removed the user from the site and re-added him.  Note - I haven't removed him from the site collection because I don't want him to lose all his permissions to other objects within the site collection.

    Out of desperation, and understanding it's completely illogical for this to work, I even ran stsadm migrateuser with -ignoredishistory in case his SID was corrupt.

    I'm currently pending on a response from the customer after he tries to access the home page again.  If he still gets access denied, I have 2 other options in mind: 1) give him a direct link to a doc lib he has access to within this site just to verify that's fine, and 2) give him temporary site collection administor rights to see if he's able to hit the home page.

    In the meantime, I'm hoping someone reading this can tell me if I missed something in my troubleshooting...

    Thanks for your time,


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  • I just figured out the problem.....  Every time the user was trying to hit the home page, he was using his PERSONAL view of the home page, not the shared view. :-(  There was a custom web part on his personal view that he didn't have access to.  Hence, Access Denied.   I had him delete the custom web part from his personal view and all was fixed.  :-S



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