Arabic typing on Microsoft Word 2010 no longer working


  • Arabic typing in Word 2010 is no longer working, I can confirm I have already installed the language pack from

    On the Windows 7 machine I then go:

    1. Word 2010 -> File -> Options -> Language -> Add additional editing languages, selecting Arabic with the desired locale.
    2. Click add
    3. The Arabic editing language is now listed alongside English (U.S), keyboard Layout and Proofing (Spelling, Grammar) for both is listed as Installed
    4. I set the default language to Arabic also
    5. Check the keyboard layouts under Control Panel -> Change keyboards or other input methods -> Keyboards and Languages -> Change Keyboards -> General
    6. I can see Arabic is listed there with US keyboard, along side English with US keyboard

    These are the steps I took to install in the first place! All of a sudden user is complaining can't type in Arabic which I have confirmed.

    I also uninstalled the Language pack, but when attempting to reinstall, it says it is already/still installed even though it has been removed from the programs list!

    What I am missing?

    Help greatly appreciated.

    Thursday, April 04, 2013 10:52 PM