Word 2010 , keeps crashing


  • We have users who use word 2010 to create files , when they have more than 5 word windows open, word crashes, the error message is microsoft word encountered a problem needs to close, word does recover thier documents, dont get why it keeps crashing , the machines are win xp , 2gb and 120gb hdd

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    Thursday, September 29, 2011 4:09 PM


  • There can be a variety of reasons for this and I'll list a few for you to investigate and post back your findings.

    1. AutoRecovery set to less than 10 minutes go to Word > Options > Save and check the time value.

    2. User's Normal template file is set to always track changes and the multiple files they are working in are have too many unresolved changes.

    3. User is not working locally and the file's are stored on a flash drive or slow network share.

    4. Office 2010 is not updated or there are outstanding updates to be applied.

    5. The files are huge, there isn't sufficient RAM (it should be 4GB) and too many other applicaitons are also running.

    6. Copy/Paste helper add-ins are running in the system or other poorly built add-ins.

    7. A bluetooth add-in is running in the system and it is interferring with File Save commands.

    Those are some possibilities that I can think of off the top.

    Kind Regards, Rich ...
    Thursday, September 29, 2011 5:38 PM