How to Restore Page Margin Page Number Styles in Word 2010


  • Hello there,

    As I was making a Word 2010 template, I deleted the default Page Margin Page Number styles (only available in the Design tab-->Page Numbers-->Page Margins menu when the cursor is in the header or footer). I was trying to remove the clutter and create just one style that would be useful for the users of the template. I thought I had saved my styles to the normal template but they were not available in other documents, so I must not have. Now I am unable to retrieve the defaults or create new Page Margin numbering styles.

    I'm guessing the users will still have access to their defaults but I would still like to create my own basic style for them to insert page numbers on landscape oriented pages. The only option I have in the Design->Page Numbers->Page Margins menu is More Page Numbers from

    I would like to either (a) restore those styles so that I can edit them or (b) be able to create new Page Margin styles.  I am running Windows 7 Home and Office 2010 (I think  premium edition but don't remember).

    I have tried deleting and restoring the normal template in the following directory:


    I have also tried deleting and restoring the Built-In Building Blocks.dotx template at:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\Document Parts\1033\14

    I have also tried creating a new Page Margin Page Number style (by saving a selected page number as a new style from the Design Tab, Page Margins menu), but although that did save a new style in the Design->Page Margins menu, clicking on it still just inserted a page number in the header or footer. 

    I want to avoid using manual textboxes to create the Page Margin page numbers because they come out fuzzy and do not automatically update with the numbering scheme.

    Any assistance with solutions a or b or both would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance for your time and brain power! :)



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