What are the differences between starting publisher normal mode and publisher in safemode.


  • I have a large publisher file.

    I try to open the file in normal mode. it takes 10-20 mins to open the file . In safemode it takes a second or 2 to open the file.

    there are no add-ins in publisher. I started the computer in clean boot. I uninstalled and re-installed office on the computer using the fixit. I tried disabling all the trust center settings. I also uninstalled microsoft security essentials which is the only antivirus protectiion .

    So basically i would like to know what is the difference between publisher when opened in normal mode and when opened in safemode other than add-ins being disabled in safemode.

    i would like to know about renaming some data files like in outlook and other applications given on the office online website.

    What is blocking me from opening the file in normal mode other than add-ins.  Oh yes it happens with different files and not only one.

    Thanks a lot in advance for a quick ,appropriate and in particular sensible response.



    Wednesday, November 03, 2010 9:59 PM


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    The following restrictions apply when you start a program in User-Initiated Safe mode.


    ·         No templates (template: A file or files that contain the structure and tools for shaping such elements as the style and page layout of finished files. For example, Word templates can shape a single document, and FrontPage templates can shape an entire Web site.) can be saved.

    ·         Toolbar or command bar customizations are not loaded, and customizations cannot be saved.

    ·         The AutoCorrect list is not loaded, and changes are not saved.

    ·         Recovered documents are not automatically opened.

    ·         All command-line options are ignored except /a and /n.

    ·         Files cannot be saved to the Alternate Startup Directory.

    ·         Preferences cannot be saved.

    ·         Additional features and programs are not automatically loaded.

    ·         Documents with restricted permission cannot be created or opened.


    Those are the differences between the safe mode and normal mode.


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