Query on searching different domains using Exchange Management Console


  • Hi All

    We have three domains in our forest;,, and There is one Exchange org that spans the domains.

    Let's say each domain has one site, and within this site there are 3 DC's, two of which are GC's. The other is a DC only.

    There is an Exchange mailbox server, CAS, and HT in each site too.

    If I try to add a group as an Exchange Administrator (e.g. View-only), then I go to Exchange Management Console > Org Configuration > Add Administrator

    A screen then comes up, and I can select an AD group. These groups are always in the home domain of the Exchange server I am on, but I can select a different domain using "Change Recipient Scope", which gives me a list of the three domains in my forest.

    If I select a different domain, does anyone know exactly what I am querying? Let's say I am on and I select to choose a group in - I then get a list of all the AD groups in Asia. But where is this information from? Is it:

    i) is querying a local GC, and this information is from that GC's parition for the Asia domain?
    ii) queries a DC directly in the Asia domain?

    iii) Is this the same situation as when I am in ADUC, and I can choose to select an object in either Asia, USA, Europe domains, or the 'Entire Directory'?

    Wednesday, October 28, 2009 10:56 PM

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