mapi32.dll on ex2k7 server


  • Hi,

    Can anyone comment on the following problem:

    I am using mapi32.dll to create an administrator profile, which has the permissions to access any mailbox and collect the data from it (messages, attachments...). Up to exch2k3 this was not a problem, since mapi32.dll was installed together with exchange server.

    In ex2007 it seems there is no mapi32.dll. I have tried using the dll from Outlook2k7 to exchange server, but the MapiInitialize call fails with 0x80004005, which is a generic code. MAPI is still supported according to the documentation, but I never guessed that dll will be removed from the server installation.

    Is there a way to use the dll from Outlook installation? Or will the dll be shipped in the release version?

    I'm facing a big problem since I do mailbox/folder backups via MAPI on the exchange server host and if I can no longer use mapi32.dll I have to rewrite a whole bunch of code. Running the backup agent on a Outlook machine is out of the question, I have to connect locally on the exchange server.

    Any help is appreciated.


    I have found the following link on the web:

    I explains, that you may download the mapi32.dll for exchange server 2007.
    After doing so MapiInitialize still fails with 0x80004005.

    jueves, 16 de noviembre de 2006 6:31

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  • did anyone get the answer to this question? I, too, am having the same problem even after installing the MAPI/CDO package in the above link. What's the point of installing the package if a call to MAPIInitialize fails.
    miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2007 16:45
  • According to my source, the only two places such E_FAIL could be coming from are:

    • from the MAPI stub DLL, then there was probably a problem with installing the download. Please make sure you are really installed the download. When you run the download, it creates a folder on a desctop. After the download you need to open this folder and run the MSI file in this folder to complete the installation.
    • from CoInitialize.


    miércoles, 04 de abril de 2007 5:58