Outlook 2003 print PDF attachment "FILE NOT FOUND"


  • Running Windows Vista, Outlook 2003, Acrobat 7

    When I print an email with PDF attachment I get "file not found"

    I can open the attachment fine and print fine manually.

    It just will not print from the Outlook "Ctrl-P" or "File-Print" function.

    What other info can I provide you that may help?

    **Addtl info: when I initially start Outlook at the beginning of the day it seems at least my first email of the day prints fine but with subsequent emails I will get this error sporadically throughout day. Also, it is only PDF that I have this problem with. And it is not EVERY PDF, it seems like only when I try to print more than one in quick succession (sometimes it will also happen if it has been a while since printing but mostly not). Is it an issue with "temp files"? Also, all files have a unique name and most come from different senders.

    Thank you in advance.

    viernes, 09 de marzo de 2012 18:38


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