How to change default timeout option in UM Auto Attendant Key mapping tab


  • In an Auto Attendant under the keys tab, there is the option to change the default time out from 5 seconds, but no matter how I enter the number it will not accept it. What is the proper format to do this?


    lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012 14:40

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  • Hi Tom,

    Not sure what you are talking about.There is not timeout options under Auto Attendant.

    But there is Timeout setting under UM dialplan ( Input Idle timeout and Record Idle Timeout) .

    The only idle timeout setting under AA is (Press no key(timeout).

    Please give us some more details.

    miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012 23:02
  • on one of the pages where it shows all the features in UM, it mentioned you can set the timeout option on the key mapping tab. Put in a * then OK that and an error message pops up that you can specify the timeout value with - sign, but no matter how I enter it will not accept this. Example I tried -88 or -(88). I would like to be able to adjust the timeout on some of our Auto Attds. I would like to know the range or values you can use for the timeout too.

    Thanks Tom


    viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012 20:10
  • While you can't modify timeout values you can set a timeout option in the AA key mapping entry (Press no key (time-out)).  I think you actually want to change the timeout value which can only be done in the UM Dial Plan level.  In the UM Dial Plan, go to the Settings tab and the field you are looking for is in the "Timeouts and Retries" section, field "Recording idle time-out (sec):".  Which will affect recording timeouts as well. 

    Information from technet for this field - Use this text box to enter the number of seconds of silence that the system allows when a voice message is being recorded before the call is ended. For most organizations, this value should be set to the default of 5 seconds.
    The value of this setting can be from 2 through 10. Setting this value too low can cause the system to disconnect callers before they are finished leaving their voice messages. Setting this value too high allows lengthy silences in voice messages.

    martes, 03 de abril de 2012 14:13
  • Eric I really do want to change the timeout values in the AA Key Mapping, but no matter what format I enter is does not take it. Can you give me an example of the exact format to use for this. I have some Auto Attd where I want to route immediately to a phone with no delay, and I have others where I need to give the user more time to make a selection before I would route to the timeout value state. If you enter a * in the field where you put a 1 to 9 it says you can enter a timeout value with a - sign but it will not take that value.   Thanks Tom


    martes, 03 de abril de 2012 15:02
  • Unfortunately the value for timeout will affect the entire UM Dial Plan.  So if you want different timeout values you might look into having multiple UM Dial Plans to accomplish that.  The value for the field I mentioned can be anything 2 through 10.  Like I said before it will impact the recording timeouts so be careful what you set it to.
    martes, 03 de abril de 2012 17:07