Shortcuts for exponents not being kept


  • Hi there --

    One of our users has Office 2010 on his workstation, and part of his routine is to create a "fair amount" of keyboard shortcuts. These include shortcuts for exponents, ie: 2 to the 4 power, so they appear as such as opposed to being written out in this posting.

    The user goes through the motions of setting up the shortcuts, and after he creates them, they initially work as expected by the user. However, if finishes work, closes his Windows session, and comes back later to continue work, the shortcuts he created are no longer available.

    This problem does not occur on a different workstation that is running the Office 2008 release.

    The user has administrator access on the workstation hosting the Office 2010 distribution. What might be the cause for this problem to occur here?



    jueves, 05 de enero de 2012 20:55


  • Keyboard shortcuts are stored in the user's Normal.dotm template and there is something that is either preventing this user's template from being updated or potentially there is a mapping problem in the environment for this user.
    Kind Regards, Rich ...
    jueves, 05 de enero de 2012 22:31