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    I need to develope 1 main site and under that there are 25 subsites(for seperate departments).So one site collection for main site and 24 sub sites.

    Home page has diffrent web parts like news, announcements ,weather and some shared documents etc. and all sub sites has same structure in terms of webparts and design.

    I can create design 1 subsite and can create site template and then replicate same template for rest of 24 subsites,

    but once i complete replication for all 25 departments, if i need to change anything e.g need to add new webpart like department events then in this approach i have to go to each and every departments home page and have to add.

    and another case may be : if i need to set some specific permissions on  list  or library of all departments  or change in column of views etc

    So for above cases, what is good practice to develope this kind of hierarchie of main site and subsites so that it would be easier to maintain all subsites for any small change even after whole application(main site and subsites)is up and running.

    lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012 19:39


  • Once subsites are created they are all individual and there really is no way to add a web part to one and have it replicated on all the rest.  You can use Powershell to script those kinds of additions so that it will be added to every site.  But that's about the only possiblity.

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    martes, 14 de febrero de 2012 3:16