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    I have a customer that wants group chat history to be infinately available from within the group chat client.  I believe at 200 it rolls off the screen and into history.  When they try and search history it gives a message about more information than can be displayed.  Is there a way to view the complete history of a chat room in the group chat client or any other mechanism.




    mercredi 1 juin 2011 15:28

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  • Hi Jay,

    The group chat history of your customer is too big. And that group chat client displays the history content is finite. But you can save the history to be TXT file, and read it with office word.

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    vendredi 3 juin 2011 02:27
  • Hello Sean:

    Thanks for the response.  The customer just wants to be able to browse up to the top of the chatroom then scroll down.  The issue is they claim this use to work infinately for all chats in a room.  The only difference between the new deployment and the old deployment is no compliance server.  We have discussed this but I do not see why this would actually change what is displayed in the group chat client.  How does an end user dump chat room content to a text file?  I need to verify that infinate chat history is not possible(even with a compliance server)  through the client before I tell the customer a resounding no. 




    vendredi 3 juin 2011 04:47