LYnc 2010 - what is the user's home server


  • In a lync 2010 environment with multiple FE servers, I understand that a user is assigned a home FE server. Everytime a user logs into LYnc, their session will be handle by that home server, unless it is unavailable, in which the session will be handled by one of the other FEs.

    Is this wrong?

    How can I tell what Home Server a user is assigned to?



    mardi 13 mars 2012 16:36


  • Hi Tom,

    You are right when you use DNS LB for lync pool.

    Lync server will assign a prefered FE based on hash value of user's SIP URL. It will be cached in user's lync profile under configuration. Hash value is calculated based on certain algorithum and it can't be predictable.



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    mardi 13 mars 2012 16:48

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