Is Visio installable without internet connection?


  • Hi all,

    I'm aware that Visio is not anymore available with a DVD support but my customer is going to purchase this license to install it in a no connection local.

    After the download, would it be possible to install it without connection?

    Thanks for your help

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    jeudi 14 février 2013 14:30


  • The downloads are in two formats. The multi-platform image is an ISO version that can be used to create a DVD for off-line installation. The single platform image (x86 / x64) is an EXE file that can be run from a DVD, but is not intended as a bootable version. Neither of these should require an internet connection after having been successfully downloaded and verified.

    Your issue is probably going to be that after installation it will need to either connect to be validated/activated, or of course phone activation.


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    jeudi 14 février 2013 14:43