MOSS 2007 Server 2008 error: 'WebForm_PostBackOptions' is undefined


  • I rebuilt our intranet site in a server 2008 machine. Everything was running smoothly, but when it whent live the users started experiencing javascript errors, view in windows explorer fails and more.

    I found this article which is my exact problem. The posters seem to have fixed their issue and gave the solution. The problem is that I am on server 2008 which uses IIS 7.0. Where do I find the site properties in IIS 7.0 to edit the option that would solve my issue?

    The solution:
    The only thing that finally fix this problem for me, was to uncheck the "Verify that file exists" check box for the Wildcard entry I had under IIS Properties for the site>Home directory>Configuration...>"Edit" on the entries for the wildcard entries>Uncheck the check box.
    On the aspnet_isapi.dll extension, specifically for the .axd extension, turn OFF option 'Verify that file exist'.

    Here is the article containing the solution:
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