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  • Hi,

    We recently started deploying Enterprise Voice, and I wanted to pull a list of calls that went through the system but noticed that in my Reports Home page (in the LyncServerReports folder) does not contain the reports Call List Report and Call Detail Report.  I seem to have all the other reports, just not these two.  I have tried to rerun the wizard to deploy the reports to Reporting Services, and it went through without a problem.  I also installed the latest Lync updates on both the Std Edition and the Edge server - still not.


    Any ideas perhaps?

    thanks :)

    mercredi 24 août 2011 17:58

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  • Hi Nico,

    I'm sorry I can not understand the mean of Report Home page.

    I did not find the lyncserverReports folder in my Lync FE server.

    Could you tell more about it?


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    vendredi 26 août 2011 10:29
  • Have you tried the location report?  You'll have to do alot of work to get the data exactly how you want it, but i believe the raw info is there.
    mardi 30 août 2011 00:14
  • Hi BBB

    sorry i took so long to get back - had some other priorities on my list for a while.

    I had a look at this tonight - I really do need that call list and call detail reports, the location report would be just too much effort.

    I went as far now as to:

    1. Delete the LyncServerReports folder in my SSRS site
    2. Remove monitoring server through topology builder
    3. run deployment wizard
    4. reboot
    5. add monitoring server through topology builder
    6. run deployment wizard
    7. reinstall reports using deployment wizard

    and still they are not there

    Does anyone else have any ideas please?  Can I browse to the reports directly somehow perhaps?


    UPDATE: So I found the report by just doing some URL editing, but its absolutely empty - no detail whatsoever.  Can I confirm if the source data is there, does anyone have any clues what the DB structure looks like?

    vendredi 16 septembre 2011 20:18
  • Hi Nico

    Do you still have this issue? If yes, could you share the trace infornmation, you should be able to get this  by running deployment wizard and you can find the trace in the last wizard page. In the trace, it would also provide reporting link ( it should appear at the end of trace), could you also  use  that link to check whether those two reports are there or not. Thanks.

    dimanche 9 octobre 2011 02:12
  • Do you have a report in report content called "Other call report"?
    dimanche 9 octobre 2011 02:18