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  • Microsoft has released a Lync client update .msp file.  How should I go about deploying this with SCCM?  Is MS going to release updated .exe's as well?

    Aside from updating currently deployed clients, how should I go about integrating this update into new Lync installs?  I'd rather not have to create another advertisement just for this update.

    mercredi 2 février 2011 20:33

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  • Hi,

    I dont know when MS will release the .exe file but you can make your own .exe from .msp file and there are alot of tools available for free on internet.




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    jeudi 3 février 2011 04:58
  • Lync and OCS updates can be handled by Lync and OCS server using the client filtering option (allow/block and update).

    In OCS you will have to point to a share where you will put your .msp files

    In Lync the updates will be taken care by Windows Updates and/or Your WSUS


    So you can use SCCM for initial deploy and leave the updates for the OCS/Lync server.



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    jeudi 3 février 2011 12:55
  • Has anyone done this yet?  WSUS doesn't have the hotfix available, i've even searched the microsoft update catalog.  How would I import the .MSP file either into WSUS or directly into SCCM?
    lundi 7 février 2011 21:39
  • Even if the Lync update file is .msp there is no need to convert it in to .exe file. MSP files are accepted by sccm when you create a package.

    you have to download lync client udpate file from Microsoft website download the appropirate version.

    Go to the sccm create a new package, program and distribute it the way you are doing for other programs. if your Lync client is logged in and outlook is also open then the computer will restart if you have not checked suppress restart options.

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