Welcome! (Please Note there are now SharePoint 2010 forums - please use only them for 2010 questions. And guys, please don't answer 2010 questions here either)

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  • Note from May 2010:


    The following is the text of Lawrence Liu's message to forum users from the beginning of 2007 when WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 were new and these forums had just been created.


    Move on to May 2010 and not only is Lawrence Liu no longer at Microsoft (and hasn't been so for quite some time) but also the 2010 SharePoint products have just been released.


    Those 2010 SharePoint products have their own set of forums, so do not post any 2010 questions here.

    I am grateful to those people who when they reply in these pre-2010 forums to a 2010 question say nothing more than that the thread should go to a 2010 forum. The people who try to get bonus points by answering 2010 questions posted here are only helping to ensure that people continue to post 2010 questions here which isn't one bit helpful. Please don't do it.


    Mike Walsh (in May 2010 still a Moderator of the pre-SharePoint 2010 forums) 




    Welcome to this new forum, which is part of the SharePoint forums group that contains a comprehensive set of forums designed to cover all aspects of SharePoint Products and Technologies. I’ve held off on having these forums created for over a year because we already had a handful of newsgroups in place, but the benefits (search, moderation, filtering, stats, flexibility, planned enhancements, etc.) and the recent surge in usage have convinced me that it’s finally the right time to embrace forums as the de facto channel for community Q&A and discussion.


       This particular forum is for topics about development and programming (i.e. web parts, features, etc.), SDKs, and tools (i.e. Visual Studio). Before posting a question, please review the wealth of information on the MSDN Developer Centers for WSS and MOSS. Also, try searching for the answer within the SharePoint forums group or by using the SharePoint Community Search. Moreover, note that this forum is not an official channel for product support. If you have an urgent or business critical problem, you should contact Microsoft Support Services.


       Unrelated topics should go the other forums, and it’s very important for a topic to be posted to the correct forum because different groups of MVPs and product group people monitor different forums. So, don’t be surprised if your post gets moved by a moderator as was the case here. Our ultimate goal is to provide at least a useful response, if not the actual answer, to every question within a reasonable amount of time (2-3 business days), but we are still ramping up, so please bear with us.




       Thank you for being a part of the SharePoint community!


       And for the latest news and announcements about SharePoint Products and Technologies, subscribe to the SharePoint Team Blog.



    Lawrence Liu
    Senior Technical Product Manager and Community Lead

    Microsoft SharePoint Products & Technologies | WorkBlog | LifeBlog


    "Be the Change you wish to see in the world!" -- Gandhi


       While much thought and planning were put into the creation of this and the other SharePoint forums, I believe that there’s always room for improvement, so please send your ideas and feedback to me ( or post them in the relevant forum.
    mercredi 10 janvier 2007 05:45