Access denied in Moss 2007


  • Hi,

    I get a weired error in my custom aspx page. The error is access denied and it comes only for few users. And it comes only in one page when we edit some values in that. This page containsnumber of people picker controls and value is set in them from DB. On page loading itself access deniedis coming. URL of access denied is something like this.


    I thought it must be some list access error as it says Type=list&name=%7B2FD933BC%2D5221%2D46C4%2D8F51%2DB2BA5A3C9947%7D

    But each time the name property (Uniqueid) gets changed. And i do not have a list with this name(id).

    Please letme know what could be the reason.



    jeudi 16 février 2012 11:01


  • What permission dos the few users have ? Check whether the permission level have proper permission to acess the page basically the  "<label for="idspnidViewPages">View Pages  -  View pages in a Web site"  permission. </label> 

    Does these users have permission on the library which holds your custom webpart page.

    IF the error is only when you edit the contents then make sure that the codes are run with elevated privileges,  It may be redirecting to the user -mysite page for whch other users have access denied

    Regards, Aj ( MCTS

    jeudi 16 février 2012 12:36