MSexchange 2007 routing


  • hi,

    DC ip address: (internal)


    Exchange Server ip address: (internal)

    I did port forwarding to the modem interface,i can send e-mail but i can't get an e-mail,25th port open

    Routing and remote access installed on the DC and I did internet sharing over the nat

    How do I do a redirect via RRAS and i can get e-mail?

    dimanche 11 septembre 2011 12:25


  • Hi
       You should narrow down scope of your error.
       1. Can you logon on owa and send/receive email internal?
       2. You should check server configuration->receive connecters ->permission Group ->check Anonymous.
       3. You can run cmd on client
         run-> cmd-> nslookup -> set type=mx -> You should check MX record of DNS server.
       4. It is NAT problem. If it is convenient, you can set external IP on exchange server and test it.
          Then you can set forward not Nat and test again.  
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    mardi 13 septembre 2011 06:11