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  • I am looking at this summary report and playing with applying the filters. There are no calls identified as VPN calls. Does the data here rely on the clients using Microsoft VPN, or is there a way to get other product VPN's recognized?



    mardi 6 décembre 2011 15:10

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  • Hi,Tom,

    If you want to check VPN call connection you need go to Location report  to check whether the call was placed using a VPN connection.





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    jeudi 8 décembre 2011 02:52
  • OK, I agree. I have the VPN subnet defined in the network configuration, and can see it in the location report.

    But... on the Meida Quality Summary Report, the header has drop down box selections, Access Type, Network Type, and VPN.

    Switching the Access Type between All, Internal and External, I get different numbers, so Lync can identify the Access Type.

    Switching the Network Type between All, Wired , and Wirelss, I get different numbers, so Lync can identify the Network Type.

    Switching VPN between All, VPN, and non-VPN, I get total numbers on ALL, and non-VPN. the VPN report is blank. How does Lync identify a VPN is in use and why does this not correctly identify those networks for me? Does it only identify MS VPN sessions? I have my VPN subnets identified in the Network Configuration subnet settings, assigned to a site and region. Is there an indicator I need to set to flag for Lync this subnet is VPN?



    jeudi 8 décembre 2011 14:51
  • Hi,Tom,

    Per my knowledge it does not only identify MS VPN sessions,I doubt that you didn't include VPN subnet in your QoE Monitoring server,here are some information about QoE monitoring server protocal specification the and the Lync QoE discovery knowledge  for your reference.



    Sharon Shen

    TechNet Community Support

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    mercredi 21 décembre 2011 10:30
  • We are using a Cisco VPN and I have the subnets defined in the CSCP / Network Configuration / Subnet, and have appropriate Site and Region configured. I can look in Reporting Services at the Location report, and expand Region, showing all the subnets. I then expand one of the Subnets I know to be VPN connections and open any of the calls listed. I see that the user shows up with an IP address from the VPN segmetn, but identifiers "Caller Inside - reflects TRUE" and "Caller VPN - reflects FALSE"

    Something seems to be missing where Lync does not recognize the VPN connection. 


    vendredi 23 décembre 2011 15:33
  • Tom,

    Did you ever get any response on this?  I have the same issue and I'm trying to figure out how Lync knows the difference between a Wired/Wireless & VPN/Non-VPN call.

    When I attempt to pull up a report of VPN calls, I get a blank report.


    John K. Boslooper Unified Communication Engineer

    mardi 2 juillet 2013 15:24
  • Anyone have an answer? 

    I downloaded the documentation that Sharon sent and at the risk of sounding dumb, i'm not sure what i'm looking at or how to enterpret it.  I am assuming this documentation can be used to modify a configuration file which specifies the VPN subnets you are using for Lync?

    Any help would be appreicated.



    John K. Boslooper Unified Communication Engineer

    lundi 16 septembre 2013 12:49
  • I think this answer is absolute not right for the question!!

    The answer is about the overriding of the Monitoring MP, but the questios was regarding the Reporting. And that is my question also. How can I teach the database or the Reporting service to idetinfy my VPN connections/subnets automatically.

    .... again: NOT the Monitoring! I'm talking about the reporting.

    jeudi 15 mai 2014 08:58
  • You can refer to following article How does Lync QOE determine the connection as a VPN?

    here is some of the excerpt from the article:"

    The VPN flag in QoE is set based on the a property exposed (IfType) to the OS by the VPN network driver.  If this value is set incorrectly, it is possible that the VPN flag will not be set correctly.  Specifically I think we are looking for IF_TYPE_TUNNEL (131)

    Here is link to MSDN site about the IfType:


    mardi 22 juillet 2014 21:30