Exchange 2007 SP1 unable to authenticate after update rollup


  • Hi,

    I have setup an Exchange server on SBS2008. Everything was working until I installed the update rollup 4 for Exchange 2007 SP1.

    I was unable to authenticate to the server. I tried to troubleshoot by using https://autodiscover.domain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml, or https://webmail.domain.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx

    They prompt me for Username and password, but doesn't seem to authenticate after I key in the correct Username and Password, and keeps on prompting me instead.

    Exchange version: Exchange 2007 SP1 Update Rollup 4

    Is this a problem with the update rollup?

    I have the testexchangeconnectivity.com error message as well.

    Attempting to send an Autodiscover POST request to potential Autodiscover URLs.
    Autodiscover settings weren't obtained when the Autodiscover POST request was sent.
    Test Steps
    ExRCA is attempting to retrieve an XML Autodiscover response from URL https://autodiscover.domain.com/AutoDiscover/AutoDiscover.xml for user test@domain.com.
    ExRCA failed to obtain an Autodiscover XML response.
    Additional Details
    An HTTP 401 Unauthorized response was received from the remote Unknown server. This is usually the result of an incorrect username or password. If you are attempting to log onto an Office 365 service, ensure you are using your full User Principal Name (UPN).

    Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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