User sees himself as meeting orgenizer but cannot change it


  • Hi, strange issue..

    On an Exchange 2010 + outlook 2010 env.

    a certain user schedules an appoinement, and later, when trying to change\delete it, he gets a message asking "would you like to send a reponse to the meeting organizer?" (attached screen shot)

    this is strange not only because he is the meeting organizer, but also because he actually sees himself marked in black (meening that he is the orgznizer) at the "scheduling assistant" window.

    anyone has any ideas?

    p.s. this doesn't happen all the time, on all his meetings - some of them are working normally. couldnt find any pattern..

    Thank you, Gil 

    • נערך על-ידי Gil Kremer יום חמישי 15 מרץ 2012 12:38
    יום חמישי 15 מרץ 2012 12:35