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  • Hello,

    Follow the thread below. It may help you.

    or follow the steps

    1. Export all your contacts to Excel.
    2. In Excel, insert 3 or 4 columns after EmailType field.
    3. In one of these inserted columns, extract the email address as text from
    the DisplayAs field. Assuming the DisplayAs is stored in cell BH4, I simply
    did this:
    This will give you just "(E-Mail Removed)"
    4. In another free column, just do ="smtp:"& bh4
    5. Copy this final column and overwrite your EmailAddress column by pasting
    values. In other words, overwrite the garbage shown in the EmailAddress
    column with proper email addresses with the smtp prefix.
    6. Delete any columns you added.
    7. Save the file.
    8. In Outlook, import the newly created file into your contacts list being
    sure to check that you want to overwrite duplicates.
    9. This will change the format of all of these contacts to SMTP from EX.
    10. The only problem now is that all of the email addresses have "smtp:" in
    front of them. But this is easy to fix now because you just export the
    contacts to Excel again, but this time the "EmailAddress" field will not
    contain garbage.
    11. Select the EmailAddress column and do a search and replace (search for
    "smtp:" and replace with nothing.
    12. Save the file, then import it back into your Outlook contacts
    (overwrite duplicates).
    13. You are done.

    • נערך על-ידי EdenSingh יום שישי 22 יוני 2012 05:13
    יום שישי 22 יוני 2012 05:10
  • Are you exporting them from Exchange or from Outlook contacts? What method are you using for export? You need to get the proxyaddresses.

    Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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    יום שישי 22 יוני 2012 05:14
  • Hi Poremsky,

    I am exporting the contacts from Outlook not from the Exchange server. The method i am using is Open Outlook

    Go to


    Import and Export

    Export to a file

    Select Contacts

    Give the Path to Export.

    Can you suggest me how to get the Proxy address?

    Aside to EdenSingh,

    I tried the way, but the same needs to be done for all the users across the organization and there are around 20000 users


    Naveen Chandra G.V

    Naveen Chandra G.V

    יום שישי 22 יוני 2012 08:07