Meeting not showing up on User B's calendar


  • I'm stuck with what to do about this situation. Here is the scenerio. 

     User A has Full Control rights to User B's calendar. User A creates a meeting on User B's calendar at 1:00 P.M. for example. This meeting created by User A does not show up on User B's calendar. This has been causing these two confusion because since it does not show up on User B's calendar User B accidently double books himself for the same time because he doesn't see that meeting that User A booked. 

    Has anyone ran into this issue before? 

    יום חמישי 14 יוני 2012 20:53

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  • How you share User B’s calendar? Delegate, Shared Calendar by Email or directly set the permission to User A? Change a method to check the result.

    Does it occur when User C to get the same permission?

    Please make sure that it is a same calendar folder you are created and viewed on User B.

    Secondly, please do the same steps on Outlook Web Access and check whether we’ll get the same behavior.

    Let me know the result. Thanks.

    Tony Chen

    TechNet Community Support

    יום שני 18 יוני 2012 02:47
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  • check this link

    יום שני 18 יוני 2012 06:09
  • I will try this. At this time it's direct permissions on the calendar no delgates. I'll try your suggestions and let you know the results once I can find time with the user to attempt these.

    יום שלישי 19 יוני 2012 19:42
  • Ok so I had User A create a meeting from within OWA and the meeting appeared right away on User B's calendar. Had her try again from Outlook and meeting did NOT appear.


    יום חמישי 21 יוני 2012 15:20